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Session Registration

From December 4th - January 29th Wolfpack players will be able to participate in position specific sessions.


Please see the session information below and how to register. You can register players for as many sessions as you want. Players can attend multiple sessions per day.

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Catcher Sessions 


Players will work on positioning around the plate, blocking balls, covering bunts, quickly releasing throws to bases and learning how to direct teammates on the field in specific play situations.


Build a pitcher series


Players will work on proper throwing mechanics, control, velocity, arm care, pitching from the wind up and stretch and fielding your position.


Hitting University

Players will work on improving their swing mechanics, bat speed and overall offensive output.

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Gold Glove Fielding Program

Players will work on fielding mechanics, including footwork, glove position, body alignment and ball transfer. Proper throwing techniques, as well as situational plays will be worked on to help players develop the necessary physical and mental tools.

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